Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crazy, crazy life

Thankfully its fun! These are some random things I've been doing, loving and looking forward to!!

Loving THIS families new camper, it makes me want to buy an old camper, fix it up and travel around!! SO CUTE!!

I am back to working out like a mad person, I feel so much better, we are doing the "get ready for Army Ranger School workout" swimming, running, ruck marches, weights, sit ups, push ups, jump rope and chin ups! It will be great, If, I make it through!!

I've been having fun making these

And this

and this

And working on this

Another Teddy, once this one is done I have big plans for more Rebecca Danger/Danger Crafts Knitting!

Leah, Heather and I went to see this while they were visiting Atlanta, Loved it!

And now I am enjoying the soundtrack!

This little man is swimming like a fish! Diving down for sticks, swimming the length of the pool and wanting to race! I have the option of not getting in the pool every time we go swimming now. And that is SO nice!!

1 comment:

anizmail said...

love that camper! and all your little projects - so cute! your photos are great. love you and miss you! hope we can get together next time. is everyone all better now?


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